Third Party Merchant Accounts

A 3rd party merchant account is capable to offer anyone with funds to give others by the use of credit cards. These accounts are not considered to be genuine merchant accounts but they take action in the same way. All online business enterprises are not able to manage to pay the costs which are essential to establish a merchant account and this means misplaced out on the business prospects and opening accessible with credit card buyers. Under these circumstances High Risk Credit Card Merchant Account has been offering an ideal solution in our Third Party Merchant Accounts. This is through which we are able to acknowledge and collect credit card payments in support of your business. This way out is not only targeted at established business enterprise but also for huge business whose sales quantity or high risk businesses possibly will become noticeable to be excessively a large amount of a risk for banks or other merchant account providers.

Usually third party merchant accounts cover up high transaction and discount fees. Your buying and selling policy will remain similar with Third Party Merchant Accounts. On the other hand the payment is sent to the third party’s website. At HighRiskCreditCardMerchantAccount we are aware and capable to comprehend that this may not drop well with your customers for this reason we have been offering customizable payment forms. As a result the customers will not be capable to identify that they have left your website to make payments.

Our third party plan is capable to take a very reasonable application fee, is trouble-free to establish, and features a rapid arrangement procedure. We have a splendid longstanding relation with different banks which permit us to take in lower transaction rates as matched up to our competitors. Complementary, the customizable entrance plays a vital role to decrease the probability of customer disorder and which frequently causes in money back demands and charge-back, generally both of which are effective to be higher in transaction rates.

The basic variation between 3rd party merchant accounts and a regular merchant account are that the merchants’ funds are processed throughout a large bank account and after that divided to the individual merchants. Our Third Party Merchant Accounts are accessible included with scam guard software, shopping cart and payment access and all these are very useful to permit you to generate accepting credits cards in as little as 24 hours. Our payment entry is also simple and trouble free to apply as a result you can relax definite that your customers don’t have to face any bitter experience or any difficulty in getting past.



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