High Risk Merchant Accounts

A High Risk Merchant account is a unique account offered by banks to online businesses that have a high credit velocity or a business that has a high turnover. This huge volume of sales increases the risk factor of the frauds and scams.

The following businesses are considered as high risk: travel, adult, adult internet, amusement & recreation services, online casino and internet gambling providers, auto rental, lotteries, check cashing services, coin shops, collection agencies etc.

Business owners who have been earlier refused a merchant account due to being deemed as “high risk” usually have either poor personal credit or a business type that is prone to incident of chargeback, fraud, or sell legally dubious services or products. Banks are also getting cautious of providing credit card processing services to businesses that could pose a risk to its own status and may deem such businesses as high risk merchant.

A group of online services is lined up to make sure safety for high risk merchant accounts for risky businesses. Nowadays, plenty of offshore merchant account providers are offering custom made merchant account services to these high risk businesses. These websites provide both high risk and low risk merchant accounts and credit card processing services for worldwide businesses. These services have relations with banks around the world to provide the top merchant account for high risk and low risk businesses everywhere. They also have global access. Your business may be classified as high risk for any number of reasons. High Risk Merchant Account providers can appraise your business type to check if you are considered a high risk merchant and select a merchant account that matches best to your business' needs. These accounts can be obtained from a domestic merchant account provider including a selected bank or a credit card processor or from any international or offshore agency involved in related activity.

The rates applicable for a high risk merchant account are comparatively higher than a general merchant account. Though, the offshore merchant account providers can guarantee that the setup fee is charged for the high risk merchant account. The setup fee of other types of accounts are normally low, even in some cases no setup fee. They also promise speedy delivery of funds.

High Risk Credit Card Merchant Account is neither a broker nor an agent. We are the registered merchant account provider. High Risk Credit is dedicated to provide merchant accounts that will benefit the merchant in long-term expansion. As a leader in the online space, our friendly advisors will guide and assist the merchant in all aspects of the process, from setting up the account to daily observation. We are committed to provide the merchant with a dependable payment solution that allows them to focus only on growth and not on payments.



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