Ecommerce Payment Processor

A small business selects ecommerce because of their achievement in technology, products, pricing and the category of payment processor which are being used for their website. A mistaken selection of ecommerce payment processor result in needless cost and non-responsive customer service.

Functionalities of ecommerce payment processors:

What are you selling?

Category of product you are selling on the web site. If your intention is to offer a download music facility, an ecommerce payment processor will charge you fees on each download or charge primarily at the time of signing up on the website.

Who are you selling it to?

Who are you selling it to?

Payment processors keenly watches the position of a merchant account so that the result of business can be assessed.

What is meant by price point?

What does the future hold?

Payment gateways

Payment gateway is an effective service which attaches a website with a bank. Whenever a customer does a number of transactions using credit a card the particulars data of transactions are sent to an ecommerce payment processor. Then it informs the shopping cart to permit the customer to purchase products. The money is sent and transferred to the bank account. Three kinds of gateways are provided by Ecommerce payment processor:

Application program interface (API):

Customer is not permitted to outlook the website; it is the visible knowledge in support of the customers.

Third party payment gateway:

Payment procedure is completed at the entrance.

Integrated payment gateway:

Merchant account is not needed. Everything is completed by the payment gateway in support of the customer.


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