Adult Merchant Account(s)

What is an Adult Merchant Account?

An adult merchant account is an agreement between a financial institution and business owners for an adult business. Adult merchant accounts are considered to be high risk accounts. Businesses which provide credit card processing online have the high probability of being fraud but these accounts are considered to be a special account because one is capable to take money through credit card sales. To acquire an adult merchant account from a bank is not easy. Adult merchant accounts deals with processing of credit cards online to accept payments at the time of buying any product or services which an adult business offers. At the present time, adult businesses try to obtain a merchant account which can make for easy processing of payments with online credit cards. Domestic and internal banks are providing adult merchant accounts including a number of terms and conditions. The procedures are guided through a few specific guidelines at the time of transaction through the internet.

Payment Modes:

Merchant accounts are considered to be a manner for online businesses to allow either credit card or debit card as a way of payment. An internet merchant account is required to receive credit cards online for adult webmasters. Money making adult merchant websites includes particular requirements.

An adult merchant account generally provides two payment modes; one is monthly and another is off-fees. As an adult merchant account this adds to extensive guarantee to payment so adult businesses try to obtain monthly membership fees.

As a service charge, 20% of the total transactions done are charged by a large amount of the adult merchant account service providers. Less profit = less money, less probability of expanding money. In the same way with high rate, there is a fewer possibility of customers to join you.


Extraordinary fraud prevention tools are utilized to protect adult merchant accounts from fraud. Advanced Fraud Screening is the new technology. This new technology is very effective software which plays a vital role to prevent fraud activities.


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